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now" -- explosion mystery. this morning on "world news now" -- explosion mystery. looking for the source of a fatal blast in an indianapolis neighborhood. >> it destroyed several homes, caused millions and millions of dollars worth of damage, and forced hundreds to seek shelter. it's monday, november 12th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." well, just like those who were forced out, investigators, too, remain in the dark about the explosion as the investigation now continues. good monday morning. happy veterans day, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm sunny hostin. paula is off this morning. >> yes. she's in chicago where she used to work before coming here. in the cold, the wind, and the rain, all to watch her chicago bears lose last night to the houston texans. >> oh, my. >> i just want to rub a little salt in that wound before we get to the heart of the show. good to have you back for the day, though, sunny.
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>> good to see you. >> as a point of personal privilege there. sorry, chicago. well, also the stunning story involving former cia director david petraeus caught in an extramarital affair. we now know who the other woman involved in the story is. this story has a long way to go. and as you know, rob, i am obsessed with it. >> you like. you like some dramatic stories and the whole infidelity angle gets you worked up on this one. >> i'm obsessed. obsessed. >> it is juicy this one. there is a bigger picture, was national security at risk. >> that's the thing. >> that's a question too. the tawdry details, the e-mail. he broke it off. she went a little -- sounds like a little crazy. stay tuned. an episode of dynasty. and then some rough stuff on the nascar track. yes, there was a crash. we've seen that a lot. wait until you see what this one developed into in the pits along the track. let's say the guys were not getting along with other guys.
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it got ugly. a full out brawl. stay tuned for that. >> nascar is so huge. huge. >> whew. and a record-setting opening for bond. james bond. >> well done. >> i've seen it. "skyfall" the box office leader. our reviewer joins us with more on "insomniac theater." how do you say it? >> theater. that is it. you saw it? you liked it? >> loved it. i am a huge bond fan. seen them all. >> is daniel craig your favorite or up there at least? >> he is up there along with sean connery for me. >> i agree. i'm also sean connery, too, but daniel is getting good reviews on this one. >> yeah. but before all of that, new details on the deadly explosion that rocked an indianapolis neighborhood. dozens of homes are so badly damaged, they'll have to be torn down. >> a second grade teacher and her husband were apparent victims of the blast. they were remembered at a vigil last night. with more on the investigation here's abc's john schifrin.
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>> reporter: this gaping hole is all that's left. charred foundations, burned out roofs, surrounded by pieces of homes scattered everywhere. an explosion so intense at least two people are now dead and at least eight others injured. >> garage doors blown in. windows blown in. houses completely leveled. nothing left. >> reporter: this suburban community outside of indianapolis was rocked from their beds when blast obliterated two homes and ignited several others. nearly 200 people were forced to quickly flee into the streets, many wearing pajamas, clutching their pets, a scene so desperate, neighbors rushed in to help. >> as soon as i got to the house and heard people screaming only thing i could think of these people had to got out or they're not going to make it. i just ran in without thinking, me and andrew here, pulled them out as fast as we could. >> reporter: investigators are combing through the rubble looking for clues. >> so far that survey has indicated there are no gas leaks
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in the area, however, we've got a lot more investigation to do. >> reporter: and what's so puzzling to investigators that they say in the days before the blast, there were no reports of any smells of gas. now to give you an idea just how powerful this explosion was, people said they could hear and feel it as far as three miles way. john schifrin, abc news, new york. >> three miles away? >> and still no cause. that's so bizarre. >> that's bizarre. >> so scary. wow. all right. moving on to some other news on this holiday, monday morning. it is, of course, veterans day, 2012, the federal holiday observed right now. president obama among those marking the actual commemoration yesterday. the 11th day of this 11th month of the year. >> yes, the president laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns at arlington national cemetery in virginia, noting that this is the first veterans day in ten years that u.s. troops are not fighting in iraq and that the war in afghanistan is winding down.
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>> after a decade of war, our heroes are coming home. and over the next few years more than a million servicemembers will transition back to civilian life. they'll take off their uniforms and take on a new and lasting role. they will be veterans. >> and the nfl is honoring veterans with its "salute to service" campaign. for every point scored in a total of 32 games, $100 is donated to charities that help vets and active duty military. >> that's a great to hear. great to hear too. all the veterans out there, we tip our hat to you. thank you for all of your sacrifices big and small. >> and i think it's wonderful in a sense that, of course, we honor our veterans but it's been ten years and we don't have anyone fighting in iraq, anyone losing their lives. that's a big one. >> and a big milestone for the country. and winding down 2014.
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good. we have heard from the tampa woman who set off a chain of events which led to the resignation of cia director david petraeus. in a statement last night, jill kelly -- jill kelly is her name. jill kelly acknowledged she and her family have been friends with the petraeus family more than five years. >> top lawmakers are demanding answers about the fbi investigation into the e-mails that kelly got from petraeus' girlfriend. here's abc's larry jacobs. >> reporter: jill kelly, the woman who set off a chain reaction that forced resignation of david petraeus. officials say kelly, the wife of a tampa surgeon and a long-time supporter of the military was never romantically involved with petraeus more of a family friend to petraeus and his wife. sources say, kelly kidded the e-mail she received, a threat to her and petraeus as well. the fbi was contacted. there were initial concerns the cia director's secure e-mail had been hacked. >> the initial complaint was harassment. it possibly could have gone to e-mail hacking, but there was no
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substantive information that this had anything to do with national security. >> reporter: instead the disturbing e-mail was traced become to petraeus' biographer, paula broadwell, and that led to the discovery of a chain of salacious e-mails between the pe trail and broadwell detailing an intimate sorted affair. >> she appealed to general petraeus because of the combination of intellectual prowess and the fact that she is very physically capable. >> reporter: abc news learned that petraeus is claiming the affair with broadwell did not occur in afghanistan but began after he retired from the military in august 2011. it was a week later he became cia director. friends say the affair ended four months ago, about the time jill kelly received the e-mails. they also say it was petraeus who ended the relationship. friends expect he and his wife of 38 years, holly, to survive this. larry jacobs, abc news, new york. >> soap opera like drama. go ahead.
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i know you've got a lot of reaction to this. i know you do. >> first of all, think it was shocking to many of us that the cia director would throw away his career, really, for something like this. anyone that's worked for the federal government and spy agencies, or u.s. attorneys offices, or, or anywhere, you know that this type of thing is just -- if it ever comes out, i mean, your career -- >> it could cost you everything. >> it could cost you everything. and i've got to tell you on another note. you look at the pictures of this woman. she's got the crazy eyes, right? >> you think she looks a little wacky? >> for me. it's clear she is sending these harassing e-mails. and people have said he acted inappropriately. >> he ended it a couple months back. maybe she was angry about that. we have seen this before, powerful men step out of the marriage. risk everything. bill clinton, lesser scale. tiger woods. that it's shocking to me. >> we've seen the popular,
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powerful men do this. >> it's shocking to me. still shocking. this is one of the most decorated generals of all time -- >> yeah. >> -- to give that up for an affair. it's astounding. >> planted the flag one too many times. huh. well, anger and frustration are growing for 120,000 homes and businesses in new york and new jersey that still do not have power two weeks after sandy dealt a devastating blow to this area. people demonstrated over the weekend against the long island power authority which still has 100,000,000 customers in the dark. the protesters said along with a slow restoration, they're having trouble even getting basic information from lipa. the airline industry is facing what could turn into the biggest pilot shortage since the vietnam war. starting next summer tougher federal rules will require new hires to have at least 1,500 hours of prior flying time. that's six times the current minimum. also fueling the shortage, thousands of pilots at major u.s. airlines are about to turn
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65, which is their mandatory retirement age. >> the industry has a lot of issues. that could be a major one. >> that's terrible. but you do want your pilots to have a lot of experience. that makes sense. >> i agree with that. all right. some medical news this morning in a new clue in the puzzle of autism. doctors in denmark found a pregnant mom who gets the flu is twice as likely to have a child later diagnosed with autism. >> and the moms who had a fever which lasted a week or more were three times as likely to have an autistic child. it fits with a growing body of evidence which suggests in some cases, a mother's immune system affect the baby's brain. well, heavy rain has swamped parts of italy, leaving 70% of central venice under water. sea levels in venice peaked at 5 feet above normal, one of the city's highest tide marks on record. people waded through the streets which were flooded to the same level as the famous canals. farther west, flooding and
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mud slides forced 200 people from their homes in tuscany. >> that looks like scenes from the northeast, ironically enough. wow. back here at home, nascar has one race left in its season, and tempers are running pretty short. here is exhibit "a" from yesterday's race in phoenix. jeff gordon intentionally wrecking clint bowyer near the end of the race. >> when things got heated in the pits between the drivers' crews. very heated may be an understatement. it was an all-out brawl. >> look at them go. gordon said he and bowyer had been at it all season and he had just had enough. both are expected to be penalized in some way by nascar officials. wow, man. all-out brawl. >> unbelievable. between the crews. >> that could have gotten bad. really bad, really quickly, all those fellows. >> why would somebody run into somebody with a car? that's a little much. >> not pretty. coming up next, an amazing story here. our investigation into homeowners threatened with foreclosure all because of their utility bills. crazy.
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and your coffee, could it soon be a thing of the past? major problems being forecast for the beans that ultimately wake so many of us up. stay tuned. we'll be back. ♪ they've got an awful lot of coffee in brazil ♪ >> "world news now" weather brought to you by lysol power and free. er and free. coffee in brazil ♪ >> "world news now" brought to you by lysol power and free. ♪ and harshness of bleach. and free ourselves from worrying about the ones we love. new lysol power & free has more cleaning power than bleach. how? the secret is the hydrogen peroxide formula. it attacks tough stains and kills 99.9% of germs. new lysol power & free. powerful cleaning that's family friendly. another step forward in our mission for health.
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well, we all know people can lose their homes after missing their mortgage payments, but would you believe more and more folks are at risk of becoming homeless because they did not pay their utility bills? >> abc's mark greenblat investigates. >> reporter: on hbo's "the wire," richard burton played a gangster, but burton lost his job when the wire went off the air. and today the accomplished actor and musician is in the middle of a real-life drama, at risk of losing his home to foreclosure all over a disputed $1,000 water bill. >> the small bill is there. but after you add the interest, after you add the 18% and the lawyer fees, it's unjust, it's wrong. >> reporter: burton refused to pay, but the city of baltimore turned to a controversial tactic to collect, selling burton's debt to a private company, which then put a lien on his home. >> and you have no choice but to pay or you lose your home.
3:17 am
that can't be right. >> reporter: now the company lien logic is asking for additional interest and high legal fees, too, ballooning the tab to almost $5,000. >> someone could actually lose their home for fail your to pay a $200 or $300 water or sewer bill. >> reporter: the national consumer law center says thousands of homeowners all over the u.s. are threatened with foreclosure every year because of unpaid utility bills and taxes. in rhode island, a $474 sewer bill cost one woman her home. the company that took possession later sold it for $85,000. back in baltimore, vicky valentine lost her house over a partially paid water bill. you'd been in this home for 33 years? >> yes. >> reporter: and now all of a sudden, you're out on the street. >> yes. and that's not a fun place to be. >> reporter: lien logic, which bought burton's debt, makes $100 million a year, profiting from its lien business. we tracked down one of the company's co-founders after he
3:18 am
refused to sit down with us. you're taking homes from people for small unpaid water bills. >> like i said, i decline the interview. >> reporter: and in the end -- >> thanks for your time. appreciate you coming by. >> reporter: you have nothing to say to the people that lose their homes to you. many cities like houston will shut your water off if you don't pay. but they'd never give anyone the right to fore close on your home, but it's different everywhere. so if you have questions, call your local utility company. mark greenblat, abc news, new york. >> scary. good advice. call your utility for sure. still ahead, say it ain't so. a world without -- coffee. >> that's the prediction. find out why and when right after this. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues afte
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there's a catastrophe brewing for all of us up at this time of night. coffee may one day in the not too distant future may be extinct.
3:20 am
>> that is the verdict from some british scientists, and abc's john muller explains. >> reporter: from a simple cup of joe to a double espresso shot of mocha frappuccino, it's what opens the eyes of more than half the americans on a daily basis, but a new study is dark with no sugar. it says climate change has the wild arabica coffee plant headed for extinction as soon as the year 2080. >> devastated is not too strong of a word. >> right now i'm addicted to coffee. >> i don't think i could live without coffee. >> reporter: scientists from the kew royal botanical gardens ran computer models on global warming. they found in 68 years there would be nowhere on earth suitable for wild coffee growth. because wild coffee ensures healthy genetic diversity, it could mean extinction of even beans growing on farms. imagine it.
3:21 am
a world without coffee. how would people everywhere conquer alarm clocks? survive their commutes to work? >> here men such as juan valdez hand pick their coffee with pride. >> reporter: what would happen to juan valdez? where would friends go to meet without coffee. >> and what would take coffee's place? nearly 7 million tons of beans are produced worldwide each year. coffee is the world's second most traded commodity behind oil. over 80% of americans drink it, spending on average $164 a year. >> diet coke will still be around? >> maybe we can go to some synthetic thing to replace it. >> i'll have to find another alternative source of energy. >> john muller, abc news, new york. >> 5-hour energy strip. 5-hour energy drink. >> man, start stocking up. get some diet coke. whatever you have to do. hang in, folks. >> man, start stocking up. get some diet coke. whatever you have to do. hang in, folks. septic disasters are disgusting and costly, but avoidable.
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♪ let the sky fall ♪ let the sky fall ♪ it may crumble ♪ we will stand tall ♪ face it all together welcome back, everybody, to "insomniac theatre." number one at the box office this weekend, the latest james bond flick, "skyfall." >> that's right. that's no surprise to me. i was in the theater this weekend to see it and so was our digital news associate, jayce henderson, who joins us right now. >> yeah. and the adele song you heard, is the main theme song to the entire "skyfall" movie. >> she sounds great. >> on the radio. hearing it all over the radio. what is so interesting, doing all the research. knowing the very first james bond film came out in 1962 with sean connery. and over 50 years these films are still grabbing the attention of every age group, myself, older people, younger people.
3:26 am
>> timeless. >> they are. >> this film in particular, really, everyone is loving it. and, rotten tomatoes is giving this 91% approval rating. so in this film, the particular emphasis is placed on him and judi dench who plays a character. she did a terrific job. she's under attack in the film. mi-6 is bombed. and double 007's job to find out who did it. the culprit, played by javier bardem. and he just rocked -- he just really blew the water out in this film. so let's take a look at a clip of him and daniel craig. >> now here's your prize. the latest thing from my local toy store. it's called radio. [ explosion ] whoo! >> i do hope that wasn't for me. >> no. but that is.
3:27 am
>> so that's just like a little appetizer. the entire film was just filled with surprises. but i would say that the end was a little too predictable for me. >> no! no! >> i was starting to get a local p bowl little bit of a feeling of knowing what was going to go on. >> no. >> what did you think? i loved it from beginning to end. and i thought the end -- it is an important ending for sort of the james bond movies. i don't want to give it away. >> james survives, gets the lady. and beats the bad guy. >> there wasn't a true bond girl. and that was a little disappointing to me. i didn't see a halle berry coming out of the water, and that was a little disappointing to me. >> four stars. giving
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this morning"wor this morning on "world news now" -- the plot thickens. the scandal that cost cia this morning on "world news now" -- the plot thickens. the scandal that cost cia director david petraeus his job now involves a messy e-mail chain. >> we've learned the identity of the woman who says she got harassing e-mails from petraeus's girlfriend. it's monday, november 12th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good monday morning. i'm sunny hostin in for paula faris. >> good monday morning. happy veterans day, everyone. i'm rob nelson. we'll have the latest in the bombshell downfall of general david petraeus coming up. certainly that was the story of the weekend. cia, caught in act. whew! also ahead, a survivor of a deadly explosion that leveled an indianapolis neighborhood relives the moment of that blast and what made him grab his gun. then as the nation observes veterans day, we'll talk with
3:31 am
the vet who's finds a road to recovery, thanks to music and the wounded warrior project. great story. >> great story, great guy, and a great cause that he's now taking around the country. kind of healing through music and giving these vets, you know, their life after the hell they endured overseas in iraq and afghanistan. please stay tuned for that. you're really going to love the guy's backstory. later, a new twist in halle berry's bitter custody battle. her setback in court. say it ain't so. details coming up on that in "the skinny." just give me a call, hallhalle, you want to talk it -- work it through. i'm there for you. >> got a shoulder to lean on. >> you know i do. that's right, that's right. first, the story, as you said, of the weekend. and undoubtedly will be the week. top lawmakers are demanding more details about the sudden resignation of david petraeus. some question the former cia director's version of events. he says the affair began after his military career. >> which is important for legal reasons.
3:32 am
>> absolutely. >> that's why they're questioning the timing now. also there's some new concerns that his girlfriend may have been given access to classified information. with more now in the unfolding zanl, here's abc's martha raddatz. >> reporter: dave petraeus' secret affair may never have been discovered if not for the threatening e-mails his lover sent to jill kelly, wife of a tampa surgeon, a long supporter of the military. officials say she was not romantically involved with petraeus, but was a family friend of petraeus and his wife. officials say the anonymous e-mails to kelly were so disturbing and obsessive, she called the authorities. they traced them to paula broadwell's computer, where eventually evidence of an affair between the cia director and broadwell was discovered. petraeus is claiming the affair with broadwell did not begin until after he retired from the military in august 2011. it was a week later he became cia director.
3:33 am
friends say the affair ended four months ago, about the time jill kelly received the e-mails. friends say it was petraeus who ended the relationship. broadwell had extraordinary access to petraeus, but when she was chosen as his biographer, she had never even written a book. >> and she struck me as a very ambitious young woman, and i think, you know, she appealed to general petraeus because of that combination of sort of intellectual prowess and the fact that she's very physically capable. >> reporter: those around them found her embarrassing and far too gushy about petraeus. evident in her interview on "jon stewart." >> yes. he's a very high-energy person, and i think he does gain energy from feeling like he's consequential and making a difference. >> reporter: despite all of this, friends of petraeus' told me that they were certain that dave and holly petraeus would stay together, although there
3:34 am
are still many questions. martha raddatz, abc news, washington. >> if someone's going to write my biography, i would prefer that they have written a book or two -- >> some experience. >> -- before that. what was the -- what was the impetus to hire her to begin with? there are a lot of questions here. >> there are a lot of questions. i think off air we were discussing this. you made some good points. this is just the latest in a long line of men, powerful men that have given up everything for a woman, for an affair. we're talking about sanford, governor sanford. >> yeah. had his overseas boo. >> governor spitzer. >> had a little call girl. weiner. >> anthony weaner. weiner. >> he had a little text thing going on. >> president clinton. >> tiger woods with everybody. an intern thing going on. >> on and on and on.
3:35 am
>> this shocked me. >> it speaks to a lot of thing as -- about human nature, male nature in particular. >> maybe that. >> that is a big point in this. men are men, i think to a certain extent, regardless of status or power here. but you have to wonder here. sounds like she went a little crazy here. he initiated the break-up. that's when the e-mails started. reminds you -- in a lesser -- remember the movie "fatal attraction?" >> bunny boiler. she's a bunny boiler. it's obvious she's a bunny boiler. you look at her eyes. >> you think there is something in her eyes? >> she has crazy eyes. you can see that. >> what was the substance and the content of the e-mails. what did she send out? >> enough to scare someone to call the fbi. >> right. >> okay. >> so that is i think, that will eventually. >> the bunny was next. >> that poor bunny. >> and to think she may have had access to sensitive information. >> that's what makes it a news story. national security has become an issue. lots of questions. and congress trying to get to
3:36 am
the bottom of all of that. >> during war time. >> yeah, yeah. crazy. now we turn to images that are just incredible. in indianapolis, investigators say they have ruled out either a bomb or a meth lab as the cause of a big, huge, deadly explosion in that neighborhood. >> take a look. two people were killed and dozens of homes damaged or destroyed by the thunderous blast saturday night. residents described a loud boom shook their homes, blew out windows, and collapsed ceilings. some felt it three miles away. >> the windows and frames, everything came in through the house. and my wife started screaming. i didn't know what was going on. i thought someone was breaking in the house because the alarm was going off. so i just grabbed my gun and started running around the house. i saw our front door was open, and then i saw the glow of the fire. i walked outside. all the houses were on fire. and that's pretty much what happened. that's all i remember. >> the victims were apparently a second grade teacher and her husband. counselors will be on hand at the school this morning to help the children understand what happened. well, today is the federal
3:37 am
holiday to observe veterans day, of course, but on the actual commemoration yesterday, president obama paid tribute to american servicemen and women. >> he laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns at arlington national cemetery, noting it's first veterans day in a decade with no american troops fighting in iraq, and that long war in afghanistan is also drawing to a close. later this half hour we'll meet a vet who's formed his own band of brothers with help from the wounded warrior project. in other news this morning, 120,000 homes and businesses in new york and new jersey face another day without power, two weeks now after superstorm sandy tore through the region. most of those still in the dark are customers of the long island power authority, which faced some very angry protests over the weekend not only for failing to restore the power, but also for lack of information and communication during the crisis. and another earthquake has
3:38 am
rattled guatemala just days after a stronger quake killed more than 50 people and left thousands homeless. sunday's 6.5 magnitude quake was the strongest aftershock to hit since wednesday. forcing panicked residents out into the streets. but this time there were no reports of deaths or major damage, thank goodness. >> yes. and with that, here's a look at your holiday monday forecast. mountain snow in the cascades. northern rockies. some rain from seattle to portland and boise. frost and freeze warnings in southern california, arizona, and new mexico. showers and thunderstorms, from cleveland and detroit down to nashville and new orleans. >> so beautiful along the east coast. getting up to the 60s from new england to new orleans. mostly 40s in the nation's midsection and the northwest. and here's a cool story from port st. lucie, florida, a special honor for a very special kid. >> that kid is ha keen daily. he is suffering from cerebral palsy and is confined a wheel
3:39 am
chark but it's clear that he has lots of friends at port st. lucie centennial high school. >> one of the friends, a cheerleader, rallied their senior class which crowned him homecoming king. but maybe the greater moment was when he surprised everyone by getting out of his chair with a little help and walking publicly for the first time ever. >> that's fantastic. >> awesome moment. well done, st. lucie. well done. >> yes, yes. coming up next, our tribute to the nation's veterans. a very special interview i did earlier this morning with one of our wounded warriors. then halle berry -- >> my ex-wife. >> -- who's telling her no when it comes to her plans for her daughter. that's in the "the skinny" coming up. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by febreze pluggables. fabreze plugables. a big, open space.e like i'm hanging the sheets on the line. and it smells really fresh, man.
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♪ american soldier ♪ an american soldier ♪ an american welcome back, everybody. well, america salutes its veterans today, and this morning we want to give a special thanks to the wounded warrior project, one of the most active groups helping veterans today. it was founded by veterans back in 2003. and today it helps tens of thousands of injured troops and families every year through a variety of programs. one project that was launched with the help of wounded warriors is band called warrior spirit, and its founder, paul de la cerda joins us now.
3:44 am
paul, thank you for being here, particularly today. you said a moment ago today is not necessarily an easy day for you. >> no, it never is. veterans day is always very hard. because i've lost a lot of my friends in iraq and afghanistan, and it's always a difficult day. >> you paid a very high personal toll for your time, medically retired back in 2009. tell the folks a little bit about some of the many injuries you suffered. >> well, i was in iraq and, you know, ied blast, and subsequently that's what put me out of the military, a brain injury. i also have ptsd, various other things that have happened. in my body -- i lose feelings in my hands, in my right leg. those were things i volunteered for. these are things i chose go and raise my hand to fight for the freedoms that, you know, everybody else enjoys right now, and that's my sacrifice i'm willing to take. >> what's been interesting, too, music has become a healing force for you. you have a great band out there, warrior spirit. tell folks how that band started and why it means so much to you. >> well, the band started
3:45 am
through wounded warrior project. they had an alumni event that i went to, and they had a talent show. and they asked me, what is your talent? i said i'm an artist. they said, what else do you do? i am a musician. i used to play drums. before that the doctors told me i would never play drums, the injury in my arm, they lose feeling. can't be swinging around. the founder of the wounded warrior project, and another guy, john roberts you. got to play, man. got to do something. >> you defied the doctor. >> i've got to tell you. they found a drum set. i don't know where. they found one at the last minute. ended up on stage, no music, no backing music, get up there and play. >> what do you think? what is the healing effect of music? what do you think about it resonates and gets you through? >> a good example is after i got up there, another guy got up there and playing the guitar with a prosthesis. once you see something like that, it inspires you to want to do some more. we decided we should do wounded warrior band. i took the idea and went forward with it. i realize there is more than just having a band for wounded
3:46 am
warriors. we can inspire, help empower other wounded warriors, using the music as a healing tool. >> that's what you used to start the rock for recovery program. >> correct. yes, rock for recovery. something that came from the band and our mission to empower wounded warriors through our music. we have a facility in downtown houston that we just opened up. so wounded warriors come and play their own music, and we can teach them and mentor them and help them think about something else other than where they've been and all the war stuff that they've been through. >> i don't think the country realizes just how much you all sacrificed, the personal price that you pay for the personal freedoms that we enjoy here at home. i want to not just thank you for being here tonight, for what you have done for the country and how you have just, you know, survived, and thrived, since retirement. it's -- your life story's pretty amazing. the work you do is amazing. on behalf of the country today, thank you very much. >> thank you very much. i really appreciate you having me. be able to talk about it.
3:47 am
so other veterans out there can see there is life after disability. >> you can find ways to help the wounded warriors project support, for its many programs out there including warrior spirit like we talked about. you can go to their website and check that out. if you want to get involved, visit if you would like to help your band, in terms of the mission they're out there spreading the message, you can go check their website out as well, which is paushlgs again, thank you so much for coming in this morning. keep up the good work. you have a very inspiring necessary message. thank you for sharing it this morning. >> thank you very much. >> we'll be back with more after this. remember the veterans out there today, everybody. stay tuned. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. after this from our abc stations. >> announcer: "world news now"
3:48 am
3:49 am
♪ skinny so skinny and now it's time for "the skinny." remember halle berry asked the court, the family court, in california to allow her to take her daughter nahla to france to live with her because she said she was being stalked by paparazzi. >> ah, yes. >> and she didn't feel safe, that sort of thing? well, the legal standard is what is in the best interest of the child. the court has denied her request to move her child to france because the court says that is not in the best interest of her
3:50 am
child because her child has a wonderful, loving relationship with her father, gabrielle aubry used to be halle berry's -- >> -- boo. >> -- boo basically. >> the technical term is "boo." >> he has fought her tooth and nail. he wants to be next to his little girl, 4 years old. but she's now engaged to olivier martinez, and he's from france. >> i wish for halle berry more stability in her love life. she has had a lot of rocky road. this latest, hope it lasts and is rock solid. >> the road's not leading her to france. the judge said no, no, no. >> no, no, no. au revoir, not going to happen. the big news over the weekend in the tween world, whatever, is that justin bieber and selena gomez broke up. >> the biebs is free? >> the biebs is back on the market. the world is off its axis this morning. apparently she initiated it. she, of course, is an actress. she is 20 years old. he is 18 years old. apparently according to sources
3:51 am
called it quits just about a week ago. busy, crazy schedules, heard that excuse 1,000 times. also because she has some trust issues with justin bieber, which makes sense. there was a report out there he performed at the victoria's secret fashion show, the big hollywood thing, and he was hitting on everything walking down the catwalk. so maybe justin -- >> he's an 18-year-old kid. >> yeah, indeed. we'll see if they've get back together. or whether he is going to go out there and be young. well, last but not least, daniel craig's bond, just so fine -- >> you love him. >> -- just so sexy. he admitted he does not do his own stunts or off his own stunts. and he actually prefers being driven around by professional drivers during his scenes. i just think that makes him sexier. because he is being real and authentic. i am thinking he may be my favorite bond. >> really? you like him that much? >> i like him that much. >> even though he doesn't do any of his own stunts? >> yes. >> drive me. tunts? >> yes.
3:52 am
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the rid-x septic subscriber program helps prevent backups by sending you monthly doses right to your door so you will never forget to maintain your system. sign up at
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finally this half-hour, one of the most talked about movies and, finally this half hour, one of the most talked about movies of the year, steven spielberg's "lincoln." >> i can't wait to see this one. stepping into what that lead role would be, you know, daunting for anybody, for any actor. daniel day-lewis didn't just perform the part of lincoln. he became him. abc's david wright explains how. >> sir, it's done. >> reporter: he's a british actor embodying an american icon. >> i like our chances now. >> reporter: according to the experts, daniel day-lewis nailed it. [ indiscernible ] >> now, now, now! >> i've seen a lot of performances, and i've never seen anyone delve as deeply into lincoln's soul. >> reporter: daniel day-lewis famously immerses himself in his roles. while filming "my left foot" in which he plays a character with cerebral palsy, he remained in a wheelchair between takes.
3:56 am
while playing hawkeye in "last of the mahicans," he lived in the wilderness, killing and skinning his own dinner. as the actor recently told "time" magazine he got just as deeply into the 16th president. >> i had a feeling for him i have never been able to feel from him i never met. >> reporter: on set, steven spielberg addressed him as mr. president. day-lewis did send text messages to other cast members, but signed them "a" for abe lincoln. >> i try not to dismember a character, a life into its component parts and work on one area and then another. >> reporter: spielberg purposely waited until after the election to lease this movie, recognizing that lincoln is still politically relevant. ♪ lincoln ♪ lincoln ♪ lincoln
3:57 am
>> reporter: from lincoln ck on "snl" to this "daily show" punch line election night. >> good news for mitt romney, he has most of the confederacy. >> reporter: our house is divided still. >> red and blue is still better than blue and gray. >> shall we stop this bleeding? >> reporter: david wright, abc news, los angeles. >> i can't wait. >> i smell oscar. >> oh, no question about it. >> done. >> i don't know if you've read "team of rivals" by doris kearns goodwin. many people have. it's based loosely on that. of course, tons of oscar buzz. >> you know it's going to be good. opens nationwide this coming friday. go check it out. more from abc coming up next. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. p next. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. @ññc?
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